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Personal and Commercial Loan Opportunities

Personal Loans

Interstate Bank specializes in the personal touch. A Consumer Loan can help you finance items such as vehicles, recreational items, household goods, travel, medical and dental expenses. We can customize a loan to fit a variety of borrowing needs.

Utilize the equity in your home! A Home Equity Loan can provide you with funds necessary for home improvements, travel plans, loan consolidation, furniture and many other purchases. Talk to one of our personal bankers about the flexible options available with a home equity loan. Interstate Bank offers some of the most competitive and convenient Home Equity Loans in the area.

Interstate Bank has been the leading mortgage lender in the area since 1959. Our loan officers have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the application process which probably involves one of the largest decisions you will make. We can make the process simpler, less costly, and faster for you to enjoy the home of your dreams.

Refinancing options are also available. If you would like to reduce your monthly mortgage payment, either by extending the terms or reducing your interest rate, consider refinancing your loan into a payment schedule more suitable to fit your individual needs.

Commercial Loans

Interstate Bank realizes that each business has very different needs. From agriculture to oil, and retail to service, we offer a variety of commercial loans and lines of credit with flexible terms. Interstate Bank also appreciates the fact that the small business owners in our area are the driving force in the local economy. We offer you the advanced products and services the larger banks offer, yet maintain that one major advantage Interstate Bank has always had…personal service, local people dealing with your daily business needs. All credit requests are reviewed by local lenders who understand commercial lending and are experienced in developing financial plans for unique operations.

The line of credit allows you to support seasonal needs. The line is repaid and available to be drawn on again as needed. Terms are available to fit your company’s cash flow.

Farmers and ranchers know the importance of financing in their operation. Interstate Bank knows the importance of farmers and ranchers to our local economy and offers all types of loans to meet their needs. From short term to long term, we offer competitive rates and terms on agricultural loans.

If you are interested in real estate for commercial purposes, Interstate Bank has lending options available to meet your special requests.