historic ribbon cutting



Made in the Texas Panhandle, for the Texas Panhandle.

On May 9, 1958, a community dream was fulfilled when Perryton Savings and Loan Association was chartered by the Texas Banking Commission under the Building and Loan Association Laws of the State of Texas. The purpose of this charter was to encourage industry, home building and the accumulation of savings.

In 1972, as an indication of success, growth and expansion to more than just a local Savings & Loan, the name was changed to Interstate Savings and Loan Association. By 1974, assets had grown to over $21 million and business expanded to include two branches, one at Spearman, Texas and one at Canadian, Texas.

In 1997, as a benefit and advantage to the shareholders and customers of the bank, the charter was changed to a Texas State Savings Bank Charter and the name changed to Interstate Bank, ssb. A new direction ensued at that time to diversify the bank’s assets to a more traditional commercial bank that would better serve the community’s needs.

2004 saw the bank continue to grow and expand into the Amarillo area with the opening of a loan production office. In October, 2006 the bank opened a full service branch in Amarillo to serve it’s vibrant, growing economy. We are pleased to have a strong staff of experienced, customer oriented bankers and qualified bank directors who share a deep interest in the bank’s customers and in the communities served by the bank